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This table tells you if a fully manual lens with X mount will work on a camera that uses the Y mount using only a dumb adapter (one that has no electronics and no optics).

If the lens is not fully manual, the adapter needs to have electronics to control aperture and/or autofocus. Adapters that do this without driving you crazy with random issues cost a lot of money. As I don't mind focusing manually and setting the aperture directly on the lens, I use vintage or Samyang glass.

If the lens-camera combination has a "no" in this table, you may find an adapter, but it has to be an adapter with an in-built lens, to correct the focal flange distance. This usually kills your lens: no matter how good it is, with an adapter with optics it will probably look like a cheap piece of crap. Alternatively, if it says "no" in this table and you find an adapter without in-built optics, it will not have infinity focus: it turns the lens into only-macro, unable to focus farther than a few feet away.

On the right panel you can find some links to the adapters that I use (Fotodiox, usually the cheaper non-pro version, although the pro version is better quality and provides a tighter fit).

The lens mounts included in this table are:
E Sony E
m43Micro Four Thirds
NX Samsung NX
LM Leica-M
FD Canon FD (the old Canon mount)
EF Canon EF
A Minolta/Sony A (Sony Alpha)
PK Pentax K
M42M42 screw mount
F Nikon F
LR Leica-R

 Mount on camera
E yes x x x x x x x x x x x
m43 * yes x x x x x x x x x x
NX y y yes x x x x x x x x x
LM yesyes y yes x x x x x x x x
M39yesyes y - yes x x x x x x x
FD yesyes y - - yes x x x x x x
EF yesyes y - - - yes x x x x x
A yesyes y - - - x yes x x x x
PK yesyes y - - - yes x yes x x x
M42yesyes y - - - yesyesyesyes x x
F yesyes y - - - yes x x - yes x
LR yesyes y - - - yesyesyes - yesyes

x: no
-: makes no sense to me, so I don't even know.
*: some lenses may work, but the general rule is that they won't (because they are designed for a smaller sensor, so they will show a hard vignette).
y: in theory, yes, but it may not be easy to find an adapter.

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