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Flaat for Canon
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Flaat for Canon DSLRs: Presentation Technical tests Download
Flaat for Nikon DSLRs: Presentation Technical tests Download
Flaat for the BMC Presentation Technical tests Download
Flaat for the NEX-5N: Presentation Technical tests -
Flaat for the Sony a7s: Presentation Technical tests Download

Last important bits of information before you download these...

Contrast=-4, Saturation=-2, Sharpness=0, Tone=1
All Flaat picture styles are designed for Contrast=-4; make sure that's the value you use.
As for the other parameters, choose the ones you like.
I'm never happy with any sharpness parameter: 0 and sharpen in post can lead to increased artifacts due to sharpened codec macroblocking, but sharpening in camera (e.g. =2) leads to more aliasing/moire issues, so choose your poison... It's much easier on the 5D3: it works better with "Sharpness=0 and add it back in post" (using a convolution filter, like Premiere Pro's "sharpen", instead of an unsharp mask).
Also, I like Saturation=-2, Tone=1. But you should change all those if you prefer some other values, the only really-important one is Contrast=-4. Particularly, play with Tone to get skin tones that you like: 0 may be a bit too magenta, or may not, and don't increase this value so much that people go greenish.
Check all parameters after instalation: some users have complained that after installing the picture styles some options have gone crazy (e.g. Sharpness=7). No idea why that was.

How should I grade my footage? Do you have a LUT?
As a first step, just apply a curve to re-assign contrast to the parts of the image where you want it to be, and adjust saturation. This should give you a very good starting point. I don't have a LUT to give you (because I don't think it's a good idea), but at the end of this page you can see the curves I used to transform each Flaat option to something that looks nearly identical to the standard Portrait picture style. Of course, if that's the image you want, you'd better shoot Portrait in the first place; but it may be a reasonable starting point for getting to the final image you want.

How do I install this?
If you don't know that, maybe you shouldn't be playing with Flaat (please make sure you know what you're doing). Anyway, I obviously know, and even so I always forget some details, so here's a very quick (and really insufficient for newbies) guide:
* install Canon software on your computer (the CD that came with the camera)
* turn camera on and set it on M mode (this is important: it has to be M)
* plug camera to computer via USB
* in computer, open Canon EOS Utility
* click on "camera settings / remote shooting"
* click on "register user defined style" (RUDS)
* choose position to install to (1,2,3), select the pf2 file you want to install, click ok
(if you want to install several options, it seems you have to do it one at a time: RUDS, select, ok, RUDS, select, ok, RUDS, select, ok)

Is this free? And DOWNLOAD
Yes, the Similaar suite of Flaat picture controls is free. If you click on the Download button below, you'll get a zip file with Flaat_10 and Flaat_11 (the standard versions, based on Portrait), and will be able to start working with them in just a few minutes. If you like them, you may consider making a donation in the button below, but it's totally fine if you don't.
As a bonus, if you make a donation, you'll get Flaat_12, and the versions of Flaat based on Neutral. I must admit, though, that this is not much of an incentive, since I never use the Neutral versions of Flaat, and Flaat_12 is the least useful option in the Flaat suite of picture controls: not only does it not actually reach 12 stops of DR (I'd rate it at 11.3), but it will most often show lots of noise the heavily-pushed-up shadows, even at ISO 100, so many people wouldn't even consider using it.
(Sometimes the redirect doesn't work; if that happens, write to me and I'll send you the file)
And of course, in any case: no warranty or responsibility, use with care, and know what you're doing.


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